Agent Enquiry

If you believe that your business or industry experience could be suitable to become an accredited Victorian Pool Check and Compliance Agent, we would welcome you to contact us to find out more. Help us check the estimated 100,000 pools & spas in Victoria which will need to become compliant - and then stay compliant.

The VPCCA is not a government, council or statutory building inspector or an authorised surveyor. Rather the VPCCA is an independent agency that uses industry qualified, industry experienced, and skilled swimming pool and spa builders and assessors who know what it takes to make a pool and spa safe, compliant and secure.  Our Executive team has more than 30 years of industry experience, and includes executives with SPASA accreditation, Master Builders accreditation, and Victorian Builders Association accreditation.

Whilst we are a newly formed body, our Executive Team have significant experience in agency organisations, dealing with and interpreting legislation, as well as compliance auditing, contract experience, and understanding the processes required to help all stakeholders achieve both best practice and the required outcomes.

If you think that your business could benefit becoming an accredited VPCCA agent, and help check pools and spas all over Victoria that need to become compliant, then please call us to discuss.